Cities like Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan, Lumbini, etc have cuisines from all around the world. There are different restaurants and cafes all around the cities, with diverse themes and delicious food.

You will get plenty of options to dine in restaurants and cafes, as per your wish. There will always be an option to choose food from your home country if you carve it.

While trekking, food options get very limited. The famous trekking trails have a wider variety of food than the least popular trekking trails. As the elevation increases, you will mostly get Tibetan, Nepali, and a few Indian options to dig in.

Due to a lack of transportation services, the food option gets limited in most parts of the Himalayas. You will not find most of the snacks and bars along the trail, and the available ones will cost you an absurd amount of money. So, do carry your favorite snacks and bars while trekking.

Likewise, you will get drinking water throughout the trail to refill your reusable water bottle. We also recommend you carry water purification tablets if you have a hard time digesting changed water.

Don't miss out on these Nepali Dishes

There are a handful of Nepali dishes you can't miss out on while visiting Nepal. Nepal is home to people of numerous communities and religions. The diversity in the food and assortments is unbelievable. To enjoy the food, you can go on food tours and join cooking classes. You will get to know Nepali gourmet species and delicacies.

Dal bhat tarkari, the typical Nepali food and consumed by the majority of the locals as a staple. It is a set of food that comes as a whole with rice, lentil soup, fried veggies, meat/veg curries, pickles, and other side dishes.

Similarly, chatamri, gundrook, choyla, tama, sukuti, selroti, sekuwa, kwati, samay baji, juju dhau, etc, are some other must-try Nepali dishes.


Tongba and Chhyan are traditional alcoholic drinks that are not found anywhere else around the world. It's a homemade wine made from fermented millet seeds. You can order in all Newari restaurants or places that offer Nepali cuisine.