Our numerous years of organizing treks and tours in the Himalayas make us a trustworthy and reliable travel partner in Nepal. We have been awarded several awards and certificates by prestigious global travel brands like TripAdvisor, Trustpilot, etc for our quality of service.

We specialize in curating group and private treks and tours in the Himalayas. Similarly, we offer extraordinary fixed ventures too. With us, Joy Treks & Expedition, you will be traveling with professionals.

Small and private groups

Our small and private groups allow us to equally pay attention to the convenience of all of our guests and offer high-quality service. Our average group size is 8 to 12 people. In group ventures like this, we also offer assistant guides and one porter to every two members of the group.

Professionally Trained Crew Members

Over the years, we have built a firm team with many years of trekking and climbing experience. Our trekking and climbing guides are accredited with several outdoor certifications like mountain guide course, first-aid course, rescue course, wall climbing, etc, which makes them very reliable in the wilderness of the Himalayas.

We regularly make our on-field team participate in different programs and seminars to polish their experience. Our guest's safety is the number one priority in our company, therefore we take different measures to maintain it.

Dedicated team members

From your arrival to your departure, you will be attended by one of our dedicated team members. He/she will stay in touch with you and assist you with your needs. Likewise, during the trip, our expert guide will accompany you throughout the journey.

Professionally designed packages with ample rest days

All of our high-altitude ventures are designed, including ample rest days and maintaining constant increases in the elevation to make sure the trekkers get enough time to acclimatize along the way. We never advise or organize trips in a way that may risk the well-being of our guests.

Rushing in the Himalayas can only lead you to altitude sickness or any other unfortunate events. Therefore, take your time while traveling, and do not cut off rest days from the itinerary.

Never compromise on our services

All of our ventures are well made and runned. We never compromise with the quality of service we provide to our guests, just to lower the price of the package. One thing we guarantee is, our assistance will leave you satisfied and happy at the end of any trip.

Sustainable & responsible tourism

All of our tours, treks, and expeditions are sustainable and eco-friendly. Most of our packages take guests deep in nature, therefore we make sure our presence does not harm nature in any possible way. During the trip, we carry our waste bags and do not leave behind any litter on the trail.

Likewise, we urge our guests to use reusable water bottles and reduce their plastic consumption as much as they can while trekking. We try our best to use local clothing and gear to help uplift local brands and encourage our guests to do so too.

Your travel investment is safe and valued

While doing the online payment, you can confidently input your bank/card details on our website to book the trip. Similarly, we are a fully authorized travel company in Nepal, registered under the Nepal Tourism Board, Department of Industry, and the National Nepal Rastra Bank. Every penny you pay us will be safe and guarantee no risk or hidden charges.


Every trip, whether it is hiking, trekking, or mountaineering needs a certain level of training and preparation. Our team makes sure to personally assess every guest traveling with us and properly prepare them for the venture. Moreover, before major climbing and expeditions, the team leader (Sherpa guides) also offers pre-climbing training and teaches you to correctly use the climbing gears.